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View in Riga. Riga in summer.

Riga in summer.

Riga in a nice summer evening is completely different. It was like 28 Celsius, and it was a perfect timing for a nice Riga tour – boat ride.

View in Riga. Riga in summer.

Riga is quite big and even locals don’t know everything about Riga. Like myself I still don’t everything about Riga, because it’s quite big, well in fact Riga is the biggest city in the Baltic’s.

So it’s normal that you don’t see everything. It’s always a chance to visit Riga again and discover it all. A great way how to discover Riga faster and to get lots of information about it s one of our Riga tours. A professional tour guide will tell you everything there is about Riga and it’s history. Plus you can always ask our tour guides for some advices where to go and what to do, to see certain places.

We provide some great tours – Riga Old Town walking tour and Art Nouveau walking tour. They both are two hours long and they both are the most popular tours for all tastes.

Anyway, the boat tour is another way how you can discover Riga and from the boat you will be able to see where to go and what to see. Or maybe you where planing to visit a certain place in Riga, but from the boat you will realize that it’s not even worth going there.

Of course it’s all interesting and new to everyone even for the locals because Riga will never be finished and it’s changing constantly.

Will see you somewhere in Riga. And see some pictures from the boat ride. Enjoy Riga in summer.

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