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Riga Central Market Tour

With our dedicated guides on this Riga central market tour, you will be presented with an amazing and rare opportunity to experience and see the biggest market in the whole of Latvia. This tour will give you a chance to get an up-close and personal look and feel of the diverse and beautiful cultures. As well as traditions that have shaped the lifestyle of the Latvian people.  At each of these pavilions, you will also be able to purchase various products. The large amount of products available on sale at the Riga Market is one of the factors that contribute to it being one of the major economical centers in Latvia.

We will also be showing you the legendary Riga Central Market 5 pavilions;

  • The fish pavilion
  • The vegetables pavilion
  • The bread pavilion
  • The milk pavilion
  • The meat pavilion
riga central market tour
central market tour with tasting
central market angars from above

Riga Central market walking tour

We will be giving you the opportunity to walk through these pavilions with your dedicated tour guide and as a side benefit, you will also be having some mouth-watering tastings along the way. It will be an amazing tour through the Riga Central Market that will also give you a ‘taste’ of the rich Latvian local culinary world.

The planning and building processes of the Riga Central Market took a total time span of 6 years. The market complex was eventually completed in 1930. The market measures a whopping 72,300 square meters in width. There are well over 3000 trade stands that are available for selling, sampling, trading, and other commercial purposes. You can rest assured that here, you will be able to find just about anything that you’re looking for. Whether it is food, clothes, ornaments, and even Kvass (although this is usually available only during the summer). So don’t hesitate to book this amazing Riga central market tour.

Excursion in the Riga central markets historical part

In 1998, the UNESCO World Heritage Site’s list was expanded and it included the entire market territory. This market’s pavilions constitute a total of five out of the nine Zippelin hangars that are still left in the world. The market itself is nothing short of a national and historical treasure. Also, it was by far the most modern and contemporary market in Europe in the year 1930.

However, you should also know that these hangars have not always been used as market spaces. For instance, during World War I, they were used by the German army of the Kaiser. Hangars functioned as army bases that were used to house the huge dirigibles. When the war was over, the people of Riga City decided to expand the territory of the market. People decided to put the hangars to good use by converting them into market spaces. Now, five hangars, each measuring a length of 240m, a width of 46m, and a height of 38m, are being used collectively as a marketplace.

The transformation, (both in terms of structure and purpose) that the Riga Central Market (which was formerly being used as an army base) has undergone over the decades is definitely nothing short of extraordinary. Now, you have a unique opportunity to take a walk through these hangars and learn even much more about the history of the Latvian people. Book your Riga central market tour today and enjoy the history.

Probably the best Riga central market tour in town.

Here you can find some additional information:

  • Tour start times are adjustable to your needs
  • No entrance fees
  • Small tastings available for small groups
central market fruits
riga central market mushroom stall
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