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Liepaja Day Tour from Riga

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Discover Liepaja with our Day Trip!

This will be a long trip but full of experience! Liepaja Day Tour will start at 8:00 with pick up from your Riga hotel. Liepaja is around 2,5 hour drive from capital city of Riga. There is a lot to see like Latvian Musicians’ Walk of Fame, Monument to Mariners Lost at Sea, Karosta Prison, Holy Trinity Cathedral, Northern Forts and a lot more!

From Riga to Liepaja

Karosta Prison

Karosta Prison is a place full of history and pain. It was built in the beginning of 20th century. This is not a usual prison for criminals, but a guard house for navy sailors and non commissioned officers who have broken the law. This place is very depressing with all the sings on the walls like calendars, messages to loved ones and different drawings. Mostly it was used as a short disciplinary penalty place, from where nobody has ever escaped.

Northern Forts

Fortress was built in the end of 19th century and its main purpose was to protect the naval base from any attacks that could come from sea. It surrounded whole city of Liepaja. The best option is to take a guided tour in Northern Forts. Guide will guide you through the bunkers and underground as well as talk about the history and stories that surround this place.

Liepaja City

Liepaja is also called ”city of wind” due to a constant sea breeze. It is very beautiful city and 3rd largest city in Latvia after capital Riga and Daugavpils. In the city some of the main objects that you should visit are Latvian Musicians’ Walk of Fame, Monument to Mariners Lost at Sea and Holy Trinity Cathedral.

*Mind that if you book guided tour then 7 passenger seats are available. If no guide is required then 8 passenger seats.

*No entrance fees are included

Day Tour
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