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Duration: 1 hour
Price: From €50,00 for group up to 5 people
Included: guided tour, local guide, answer/question session, small  food tastings
Not Included: souvenirs, gratuities, lunch,
Languages supported on this tour:lvgbrude

With our guides in this tour we offer you an amazing experience to see the biggest market in Latvia. This tour will allow you to get closer to Latvians traditions and culture. We will show you the legendary Riga Centra Market 5 pavilions which icludes:

  • Fish pavilion
  • Vegetables pavilion
  • Bread pavilion
  • Milk pavilion
  • Meat pavilion


You will have the opportunity to walk through the pavilions with the guide and have some small tastings during the tour. It will be an amazing tour through the Central Market and taste of the local culinary world. This market was planned and build for 6 years and finally finished in 1930. The market is 72,300 square metres wide and has more than 3000 trade stands available for selling and trading. There is an indoor and outdoor trades available. You will find everything you need, starting from food to clothes and homemade ornaments, and kvass (only during the summer).

In 1998 the market territory were included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. This market’s pavilions are five out of the nine Zippelin hangars in the world that are left. Great experience back in the history. During the 1930 it was the most modern market in Europe.


It’s not like these hangars have been used as market space forever. During the first World War they were used by the Kaiser’s German army as a base for the huge dirigibles. After the War Riga City decided to expand the markets teritory and decided to use hangars for market space as well. Five hangars 240m long, 46m wide and 38m high now are used as a market. It is incredible how it changed and for what purpose it is used now. Take this opportunity to walk through these hangars and learn more about our history.

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