Riga old town walking tour

Discover Riga with our wonderful Riga walking tour.

Riga walking tour. Classical walking tours in Riga. what to see in Riga
We offer a classical Riga Old town walking tour. We will take you to the most popular places in Riga.

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Explore Old Riga with a professional local tour guide, who will tell you the real stories and legends about this historic part of Riga. On this tour we will show you the House of Blackheads, St. George church, Dome cathedral, Riga’s castle, the little and the big guild, Cat’s house, The powder tower and a lot more.

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There really is a lot to see on this tour and you need to experience Riga’s beauty for yourself to really appreciate it. This walking tour through Riga’s historic center will last no longer than 2 hours so it’s the perfect way to explore Riga, even if you are visiting just for the day.

Just like any other city, Riga has its own charm and we would like to share it with you through our Riga walking tour.

Riga old town walking tour. Things to do in Riga.

Riga offers a lot more than just – Riga old town walking tour.

The most enchanting part of Riga is the Old Town. The buildings and the history surrounding them creates a fascinating and whimsical picture of Riga’s past. This area also offers all of the amenities that you could possibly need: bars, night-clubs, restaurants, hotels, museums and most importantly, a great atmosphere.

Our professional and certified tour guides will walk you through Riga. We offer our tours at reasonable prices, along with great enthusiasm and an element of fun. Our tours can be delivered in a language that you understand.

Old town of Riga is a beautiful place, and we would like to tell you a little bit more about it on our famous Riga old town walking tour.

So book your Riga Old town walking tour online now and start experiencing the beauty of Riga Old town.

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