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Surprising to many, one of the best attractions in Riga is the Art Nouveau architecture, showcased in our Art Nouveau walking tour in Riga. This is a fantastic 2 hour walking tour for people who love a mix of architecture and history.

Art Nouveau Riga. Walking tour of Art Nouveau.

The Famous Art Nouveau tour in Riga.

Riga is world famous with its architecture, including its beautiful Art Nouveau style buildings. Art Nouveau known in English and French, also known as Jugendstil in Germany, Stile Liberty or Stile Floreale in Italy, Modernismo in Spain and Sezessionsstil in Australia, became popular at the end of 19th century when Latvia was at the peak of economic prosperity. You will see the art of the Art Nouveau architect Mikhail Eisenstein. Each building is speacial and different with their look, history and purpose. Let our guides walk you through each buildings history and story. We guarantee that each building is worth seeing.

This tour will offer you a 2 hour walk past the most popular buildings in quiet side of the Riga. Where art speaks louder than words. Be ready to ask questions and listen, because our guides will tell you everything there is to know about this increadible art work. We deliver a professional service for economy price.

Professionally guided tour – Art Nouveau Riga.

Around Latvia is a professional organization an so are our guides. All our guides have certificates, which proves that they are certified to guide this tour in Riga.

Riga art nouveau tour. Art nouveau walking tour in Riga.
Book a tour (Art Nouveau walking tour in Riga) in a language that you understand. English, German, Russian, Swedish, Italian, French or Latvian. We can arrange this wonderful tour almost in any language you like. And this is also the main reason why so many travel agencies and tour operators want to work with us.

In Riga Art Nouveau architecture (Jugendstil architecture) you can see almost everywhere. That’s why Riga is so popular with it’s huge collection of Art Nouveau styled buildings. With it’s 750 buildings, Riga is the Art Nouveau capital in the whole world. Few of the streets you will walk on and see the amazing arhitecture:

Elizabetes street 10

At the Elizabetes street and Antonija street corner you will find two of the best Eisenstein’s buildings right next to each other. The building with the incredibly long face is one of the icon work from Eisenstein’s art. And also it is the most photographed building in Riga. All of his buildings are impressive, including building that is next to this one, with the oddly shaped windows and smiling sun face located right under the balcony.


Blaumana street 28

On this street you will find something unusual made by Karl Johann Flesko 112 years ago. The building is increadible, as it is covered in dragons, wolves and different gargoyles with gaping mouths.

Jauniela street 25/29

This building was abondened after independence until reopened and renewed as a hotel (Neiburgs). It is popular with its enormous woman’s head hovering above the entrance. It is massive and yellow built in 1903.

Please feel free to book your tour with us and we will take you to this fantastic tour.

Book this tour now and one of our professional tour guides will take you on this amazing Art Nouveau Riga tour. To book this fantastic tour, please get in touch with us directly.

Tour Price per person Time
Art Nouveau Tour 25 Eur 2h

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