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Duration: 7-8 hours, transfer time included.
Price: From €65,00 per person
Included: pick-up and drop off, guided tour, transport, friendly driver,
Not Included: souvenirs, gratuities, lunch, entrance fees,
Languages supported on this tour:lvgbrude

*Tour starts from 2 people

Sigulda is approximately 50 km from Riga, so the drive to this beautiful town doesn’t take longer than 50 minutes.

Sigulda is probably the most visited tourism sight in Latvia, apart from Riga. And this is the reason why we offer this great tour to Sigulda. Our one day trip to Sigulda is probably the best choice if you love history and love being outside. Since the time when the tribes of Balts and Livs fought with the German crusaders, Sigulda has boasted of exciting legends and mighty castles, which are situated in the distance of a cannon shot from each other.


Sigulda is often also called Middleland and Latvian Switzerland. Beautiful views and nature all around Sigulda. In Sigulda the guides will show you the biggest sandstone cave you will find in Baltics, Siguldas castle ruins and also Turaidas castle. Sigulda’s castle was built in 1207. It was built by the Sword Brother’s Order. There will be an opportunity to climb the North Tower and the main gate tower and enjoy the view and the medieval atmosphere. Sometime during the summer period you will also have the opportuity to try on the knight’s armor. Don’t miss on it, it is great opportunity to do something unusaul and unforgettable.


You just have to relax and enjoy the great tour of Sigulda. We have planed this wonderful tour specially for you. We guarantee good time, good memories and good pictures. Our friendly and knowledgable guides will make sure that you get every opportunity to do something unusual during the tour and also tell you everything about the castles that you will visit. You can ask them any questions you want, they will always have answers. They know the history and they will be happy to share their knowledge with you.
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